How Is VoIP Beneficial To Companies

what is voip?

The term VoIP translates to Voice over Internet Protocol in full. This critical service enables the user to make cheap telephone calls over an Internet connection instead of using your regular telephone service. The service has been in the mainstream now for 13 years and continues to occupy an essential role in the telecommunications industry. It is also known as Internet Calling or IP telephony. Here's a comprehensive guide for those wondering what is voip.

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How evident is VOIP in the current world?

The name VOIP may sound foreign but refers to applications that we use on a daily basis. Common voice protocol services we engage in include; Skype and Vonage. In the recent past, developers have been able to reel in other apps such as WhatsApp and IMO to offer VOIP services.

Requirements to enjoy the feature

For efficient functionality, VOIP requires a high-speed internet connection. A slow connection impairs the effectiveness of communication, especially over long distances. The device you use is also central to the quality of information input and output. However, a computer or smartphone with high-end specs will do the trick.

How the feature Works

The technology works by turning a user's voice into a digital signal which the user sends through the Internet to the recipient. On reaching the receiver, it is converted back to a traditional telephone signal. For some providers, calling is limited only to those also using the technology, while others provide calls to anyone with a telephone number.

Advantages of using the feature

The main advantage of using this technology is that it allows users to cut down on costs that are standard in both a traditional phone line and an Internet connection. VOIP offers some services and features that are not available with a conventional phone or are available but only for an additional fee. In a world where voice calling has been gaining prominence, VOIP provides both a reliable and fun way to get your message across regardless of where you are in the world.


The major Demerit of this feature is that it is not practical for traditional emergency services such as 999. There is also the high risk of hacking which poses a security threat. There has been a limitation in the penetration of the technology in some countries due to prohibition by host nations especially those in Asia. Service providers in this sector do not fully support directory listings such as yellow and white pages.